Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Euston Tap

This country needs more pubs like the Euston Tap.

Hidden away inside an old gatehouse just infront of Euston station the Euston Tap is a beer lovers haven. Whilst appearing small on the outside the tap is a tardis stocked full of fine beers from all over the world.

The back wall is graced with 8 cask ales on gravity pour, 15 draught handles and 4 fridges rammed with the largest selection of bottles I've ever seen in a pub.
On offer on cask was a selection of beers from the UK including Thornbridge and Fyne ale. Draught beers included beers from the US, including Anchor Hummer, Sierra Nevada Torpedo & Bigfoot, as well as beers from the continent including several wheat beers, a selection of different styles of lager and a couple of fruit beers.
The selection of bottles included beers from breweries all around the globe, with a large selection of American craft beers as well as a varied selection from continental Europe.

The bar staff were very knowledgeable giving advice on beers and offering tasters of several of the beers.

The tap is suprisingly spacious considering how small it looks from the outside, a iron spiral staircase leads up to a cosy room with plenty of seating on the second floor.

The Euston Tap is not to be missed by beer lovers, you will not be disappointed!

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